The many different types.

The silence after an airplane with lots of turbulence lands. There’s the short sigh of relief from everyone on the plane, scattered applause, and the clicking of seat belts being removed.


The silence after a group of friends share a hearty laugh. The kind of laugh that leaves everyone with tears brimming their eyes, and everyone gasping for air. It’s the type of silence people end up filling with “oh mans” and “mhmmms”.


The silence after you kiss the person you’ve been dreaming about kissing. The person whose lips are as soft as you thought they would be and taste even better than you imagined.


The silence after the fireworks on the Fourth of July. It’s a different type of silence, but I swear in those few moments of silence we really are all Free.


The silence during a family road trip. The very comfortable quietness that fills the car, filled with the rustling of bodies trying to get comfortable, or the soft snoring of a backseat passenger.


The silence of the night. The type of silence that is filled with the sound of the wind. The type of silence that gets you thinking about the world as the stars and the moon shine.


The silence after someone mentions the name of a mutual friend who passed away. There’s the unmistakable bowing of heads and a long exhausted sigh from someone lamenting the loss.


The silence that feels like someone is listening when you’re inside restroom stall. Even though you’re the only one in the restroom.


The silence after meeting someone new, and the air is awkward. When either party doesn’t know whether to end the conversation or push it a little further.


The silence after someone considered an acquaintance shares a very personal private part of their lives. It’s the type of silence that changes the very title they once had. Inhale, an acquaintance. Exhale, a friend.


The silence that falls. The type of silence that overwhelms confined places. The type of silence that catches people mid-sentences and leaves them wondering whether or not they were talking too loud.

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